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Come venture into the world of Maricopa Fine Arts! Our motto 'Designed by Mother Nature, Handcrafted by Maricopa Fine Arts' encapsulating our belief that nature's wonderful creations are often masterpieces upon themselves just waiting for discovery. Explore our very own distinct and original Arizona Flagstone Abstract Art, individually created by our artist following natures own wonderful design. Gaze and admire our beautiful Arizona Fire Agate carvings, one of natures most brillant and unique gemstones. Whether you want hangings for your walls or displays for your cabinets you will not find these one of a kind masterpieces anywhere else! Browse our selection of fine art pieces, you won't believe your eyes!

Flagstone Abstract Art - 'Passion' from Maricopa Fine Arts
Maricopa Fine Art has developed a wonderous art form called Flagstone Abstract Art and which are created exclusively by Maricopa Fine Arts. These incredibly beautiful art pieces are one of a kind as Mother Nature dictates each design. Our artist has chosen a wide range of vibrant colors to work with in these pieces, making it easy to match any interior design or personal favorite color. You will never grow tired of these stunning designs whether you choose to display them on shelves, tables, cabinets or even your walls. Contact us for special custom orders and use your imagination as to what creation you would like specially made.

Be sure to wander through our Flagstone Art Gallery and see the new creations and innovations that are constantly being created. The items in the gallery are available for purchase or can be used to give you an idea of what you might specifically want for a commissioned piece of your own!

Fire Agate Gemstone Gallery
Maricopa Fine Arts in also proud to bring you brilliantly colored fire agate gemstone carvings. This rare and precious gemstone is found only in the Southwestern Sonoran desert regions of North America and so far is little known in the world of fine art. These beautiful display pieces are finely carved and polished and Maricopa Fine Arts relies upon Mother Nature's natural gemstone beauty in selecting these high quality displays. Watch the fire flare whether under sunlight or cabinet display lights. Amazing colors of red, gold, green, blue and purple will have you captivated and mezmorized as you stare and gaze into these wonderful fiery gemstone carvings.

In association with Fire Agate US Maricopa Fine Arts has direct access to some of the finest fire agate gemstone material in the world.

Ivory and doll works from renowned Alaskan Native Artists
Here at Maricopa Fine Arts you will also find unique and exquisite pieces of Alaskan Fine Arts. From wonderful Alaskan Native ivory carvings, authentic native dolls, scrimshawed baleen, spirit masks, and grass baskets from some of the greatest Alaskan Native artists. These fine museum quality art pieces are wonderfully crafted and are historically documented for their Alaskan native origins so you can be assured you are buying true Alaskan Native art. We also have a very large collection of Alaskan Fine Art paintings by well know Alaskan artist such as Byron Birdsall, Fred Machetanz and George Ahgupuk.

Our Our Alaskan Fine Art was collected from across the entire state of Alaska over the last 35+ years. You will find that we carry some of the finest examples of Alaskan art from true master artisans that can be found no where else. These one of a kind creations from traditional to contemporary pieces come with full provenance explaining who is the artist, the materials from which it is made and the region from which it comes. This information assures you to the authenticity of the item and should always be supplied to you when buying Alaskan Fine Art.

Whether purchasing fine art or only interested in browsing our collection, you will find our online galleries full of fascinating rare art a joy to ponder through. We welcome you and ask that you keep coming back, for Maricopa Fine Arts plans to constantly grow its inventory in innovation and design bringing the best in Southwestern and Northwestern fine art. Thank you for your visit!

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